New blog location for Dr. Harold Goodman and a case of anosmia/ loss of smell successfully treated

For several years I have wanted to have a site devoted to my thoughts about healing and my practice of how I help people.

Finally, I created a website

There is also a blog which I am posting to which has to do with related matters, thoughts, patient cases which I think others might find of interest.

For example, recently I had a patient who had a major head injury or concussion. He was knocked unconscious by a bicyclist who struck him. When he came to my office he was having horrible headaches, terrible sleep, cognitive issues, and total loss of smell or anosmia.

According to the three neurosurgeons he saw, he would have to forever live without ever again being able to smell anything.

At the time of this writing, as described in my blog post, he has regained much of his smell. I used osteopathic diagnosis with my hands to identify the cause of the anosmia and then treated him. In just a few treatments he has no more headaches, sleeps soundly ( or as well as one can with a little daughter to keep him awake ), is able to perform his work which requires high level cognitive abilities, and most interestingly, is now smelling more and more subtle odors. Each visit he reports more and more improvement.

However, very few people know that such treatment can achieve these results. So that is why I wrote the post on my blog.

I invite you to visit and read these posts.

If there is anything you want me to write about, drop me an e mail on the form provided on the site. You will find the link on the home page. It is on the right. Just click, Have a question?

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