TMS revisited. Part One

Many years ago, a woman walked into my office and asked me to help her with her back pain. I examined her and then, based on the exam, treated her using osteopathic manipulation. She came a few times and then disappeared. When this happens I wonder what happened. Did they…

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My time with John Sarno

I am an osteopathic physician and surgeon who has seen thousands of people in the last 30 years. One day, many years ago, I had a dance teacher come to me as a patient. She happened to mention that for many years she had debilitating low back pain.  “Do you…

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The end of insomnia

About five years ago I descended into major insomnia. I would go to bed and have a panic attack within seconds of drifting off. This led to intense sleep deprivation which, in turn, led to total hell. I lost my medical practice. I lost my life. I feared at times…

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