Michel Thomas teacher Harold Goodman. Hebrew course

It has finally happened!

After so many years of thinking, planning, wishing I made the first part of my Hebrew course a reality.

This is the pilot or beta stage of what will later be released as a much longer beginner Hebrew course. That course will probably run around 7-8 hours. This beta version runs 3 hours of which the first 30 minutes is a lengthy and detailed introduction to Hebrew and how to learn it with me.

This course is not a Michel Thomas course nor is it in any way authorized by the publisher of his courses, Hodder. It is purely something which I have created based on my many years of study with various teachers like Michel Thomas, Boris Shekhtman and others. It also includes many elements and tools that will make sure that you reach your goal of speaking Hebrew faster and more effectively than any other approach that I know of.

I wish that such a course were available to me when I began to study Hebrew over 60 years ago.

In addition to the video classes you will enjoy with me, you will also join me and the other students in live zoom calls to make sure you get personal feedback from me. This is all unprecedented in language learning online.

I will also provide you with pdf files to help you get more out of the course.

Since I was a small boy I have been fascinated with languages. They are so incredible and exciting for me. I love their sounds, their unique ways of expressing the lives of their speakers, their histories, their literatures and forms of expression.

Now with the internet it is so much easier to learn and practice languages. Many of you will remember, and it wasn’t too long ago, when one had to seek out bookstores, newspaper vendors and kiosks for foreign language materials.

When I was in Taiwan and later China, Israel and other places, I would haunt bookstores both new and used.

What I was after were books in the local languages.

But as a Jew who loves being a Jew with all that includes, I especially love Jewish languages.

Jews live in every part of the world. And Jews love to learn, teach, write, talk about life.

We do it in all the local languages.

And especially, where possible in Jewish languages.

Hebrew, Yiddish, Esperanto are all Jewish languages for me.

And now, to share my intense love for Hebrew and my desire to share it with all of you, I have created a course for you to learn it.

I so want to give you what I love so much: the ability to speak Hebrew like you speak your own native language.

The pilot course described above has already been over subscribed. The demand has far exceeded the limit of registrants.

It will finish in late October, 2023.

At that point, the much larger course will be created.

Contact me at hebrew@harolddavidgoodman.com

Use this link above and let me know that you want to be informed about that course and we will be sure to make it happen for you.

Shalom u’vrakha! Peace and Blessings to all of you.

I write this before Rosh HaShana ( literally: head of the year) , the start of the Jewish New Year.

May this New Year be a blessing for all beings, human and otherwise, Jewish and non-Jewish.

May we appreciate the gifts of our Creator and honor the best in all of us each day.

Much love to all of you.

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