Osteopathy, love and spastic cerebral palsy

Not too long ago I began treating a new patient.

He is a 50 year old man who developed spastic cerebral palsy when he was 3 years old. When I first saw him enter the office I thought to myself, What can I do for this man?

He is unable to stand without the aid of crutches which he uses to transport himself forward. Actually, he lurches forward, propelling his torso by swinging on the crutches. His shoes are pointing in different directions since his body and legs are twisted. The spine is twisted in extreme scoliosis.

And his face is beaming. He has an enormous smile which belies his condition. He is one of the most positive people whom I have ever met.

every single little thing I do on his behalf he tells me how grateful he is.

Many others may view him with horror, maybe thinking how difficult life must be for him.

Life is not easy. In fact, it takes him 1.5 hours each morning to get dressed to go to work. Then he eats, transports himself to his job and after work, returns home.

Originally, he told me, he came because one of his ribs would pop out of place and interfere with his sleep. This changed after his first visit. He is now sleeping much better, he says.

The effect of the osteopathic treatment he receives has also been that he is standing straighter and, as a result, using new muscle groups that were long dormant.

All I have done is to identify parts of his structure that were interfering with his normal function. Using very gentle manipulation, I have helped him to live easier in his body.

When I treat him we discuss his life and life in general. He tells me that each morning he prays for the health and healing of others.

I have told him many times that I find his choices to live a positive life very inspiring.


Author: Harold

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