Hebrew course set to launch.

The Hebrew pilot course has just finished. It was a major success with the ten students reporting amazing results in learning to speak modern Israeli Hebrew in less than three hours.

Not only is this unprecedented but considering that they didn’t do any review, memorization, had any testing, and experienced virtually no anxiety, it is nothing short of a miracle.

At this point I am spending 30 minutes plus interviewing each student to learn more about their experience. One of the most important things I want to get from the students is how I can improve the upcoming Hebrew course so that they can be even more successful.

Accordingly, each student is invited to tell me how the course could have been even more helpful from their perspective.

So often, teachers and course creators either are not interested in such feedback or just ignore it. This is the opposite of how I teach. Student feedback must be central since I want the student to be completely successful in reaching their goal of speaking Hebrew comfortably and with ease.

Often students learning a foreign language will think of what they want to say in their native language, say, English, and then translate it into Hebrew. My course avoids this entirely.

The 2024 course will be eight hours of video, four hours of group zoom sessions. Each student will be personally taught by me during the zoom session with abundant feedback and questions answered. The entire group will have access to the video and zoom recordings forever. Also, students will always have access to me with any questions. No other course offers such generous teaching. In addition, the method used makes it possible for the student to learn the language without memorization and anxiety.

If you are interested in taking the complete beginner level Hebrew course which I shall offer in 2024, please contact me:


Author: Harold

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