Michel Thomas reportedly teaching from beyond the grave.

Hodder and Arnold, the publisher of the Michel Thomas language courses, has just announced that Michel Thomas personally trained and approved every teacher of each course issued following his demise.

This amazing announcement is to be found in an FAQ section issued by the publisher. Here is the quote:

Why doesn’t Michel Thomas teach on all the Michel Thomas Method courses?
Although Michel Thomas was a very talented linguist, he was not fluent in every language. In the courses not taught by Michel Thomas, he trained and approved every teacher.”


Since I spent ten years being trained by Mr. Thomas in his methodology and he died in January, 2005, I know that he didn’t train anyone else. He was so paranoid about people ( ex. Paul Noble, in my opinion) stealing his work that he didn’t even want to issue the CDs ( then cassettes)out of concern that others would analyze and copy the method.

I would love to learn how he trained so many people whom he never met during his lifetime.

This would be an even more amazing feat than his pedagogical accomplishments.

Author: Harold

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