Michel Thomas Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Course

The Michel Thomas Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary course has been recorded, edited and is scheduled for release in the UK in August, 2009. It will not be sold in the North America.

Those outside of the UK may order it via Amazon.co.uk, download it from Audible.com or get it directly from the publisher, Hodder and Arnold. My understanding is that Amazon discounts it and, for North Americans, the delivery service is quite good in my own experience.
This is the third and probably the last part of a complete course. If you do the Beginner ( Foundation), Advanced and Vocabulary courses you will have the complete course for spoken Mandarin. The essential patterns and necessary vocabulary will be yours to use in any way you choose. It is basically a course in how to communicate in Mandarin.
A lot of work went into the preparation of this course. You will learn many new words, expressions and more Chinese patterns which will bring your command of spoken Mandarin to an even higher level.
It is especially geared to those who travel to Mandarin-speaking parts of the world. I use it a lot in my local interactions here in the States with Mandarin speakers. There are more and more Chinese speakers everywhere I go. Many of them speak Mandarin though it may not be their native language.
They are absolutely delighted when I speak with them in Chinese.
I hope you enjoy the course and let me know how it goes for you.

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