Michel Thomas Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Course

The Michel Thomas Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary course has been recorded, edited and is scheduled for release in the UK in August, 2009. It will not be sold in the North America.

Those outside of the UK may order it via Amazon.co.uk, download it from Audible.com or get it directly from the publisher, Hodder and Arnold. My understanding is that Amazon discounts it and, for North Americans, the delivery service is quite good in my own experience.
This is the third and probably the last part of a complete course. If you do the Beginner ( Foundation), Advanced and Vocabulary courses you will have the complete course for spoken Mandarin. The essential patterns and necessary vocabulary will be yours to use in any way you choose. It is basically a course in how to communicate in Mandarin.
A lot of work went into the preparation of this course. You will learn many new words, expressions and more Chinese patterns which will bring your command of spoken Mandarin to an even higher level.
It is especially geared to those who travel to Mandarin-speaking parts of the world. I use it a lot in my local interactions here in the States with Mandarin speakers. There are more and more Chinese speakers everywhere I go. Many of them speak Mandarin though it may not be their native language.
They are absolutely delighted when I speak with them in Chinese.
I hope you enjoy the course and let me know how it goes for you.
Author: Harold

11 thoughts on “Michel Thomas Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Course

  1. I am still working on Chinese Foundation CDs but looking forward to jump into Advance and Vocabulary Courses.
    So far they are the best courses of Chinese language for self study I have ever tried!
    Once question to you in relation to the Chinese Mandarin series. Do you consider to work on and publish Chinese Mandarin Language Builder CDs ?

  2. Hi, CePeeS

    My publisher, Hodder, in the UK has a formula for their Michel Thomas courses which consists of three levels. So this will be the final level.

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I love to hear from students!


  3. Dear Dr. Harold Goodman,

    Having tried other competing methods this year, I feel your product was the one that spoke to my soul.

    Since using your product, I've improvised and built on my knowledge of Chinese by visiting Chinese websites, finding like-minded friends on these websites, and having a series of daily videoconferences.

    I am very confident in my spoken Chinese as a result of using these CDs. These CDs are the best known starting point for a prospective speaker of Chinese. Your program definitely lays the ultimate framework for an autodidact to gain just enough through guided study that they can begin learning more on their own.

    Thank you sir! If you ever upgrade this series with additional content, I will be sad if the cast is changed — but I will still buy it! I feel as though I learned and laughed with these students.


    -A student of 22 years who is going to spend two years in China

  4. I own both the beginner and advanced sets. I am 2/3 through the beginner set and really enjoying it. I wanted to buy the vocabulary set as well and was very disappointed to see that it is not offered in the U.S.? Why is that? Why are the first two offered in the U.S. and yet the third is not?

  5. Hi,

    I,too, am disappointed that McGraw-Hill, the US publisher of all the Michel Thomas courses, has chosen not to release any of the vocabulary courses for any of the languages.

    My sense is that the numbers were not too good for the MT sales in North America. Of course, since few people over here have ever heard of him and since MH has chosen to do zero marketing for these courses, I am not too surprised that the courses sell poorly.

    You can order the Chinese Vocabulary course from amazon.co.uk. They have very good service for American orders according to my own experience.

    I am happy that you are enjoying the course. Let me know how it goes.

    Best wishes,


  6. I'm a Michel Thomas method veteran – I've bought and done the Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian and recently your Chinese course.

    I'm consistently amazed by how it's possible to be reeling off long sentences in the target language after just a couple of hours tuition. Really fantastic.

    Do you have more courses planned beyond the advanced and the vocabulary courses ? As is the problem with many language courses – there is plenty of introductory material, but once you get past that level there is not so much available.

  7. I have seen a new course called Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Builder+ with the Michel Thomas Method for sale on amazon. Could you tell me, is this a new course? It says that it teaches 1000+ words and lists you as the author but I can't find anything on your website about it. Would you consider writing a post on your blog about it? There is not much written about it on the internet and there must be other people like me searching for information on it I would guess. The idea of learning a thousand Chinese words in a few hours is awesome. If you could explain just a little about how it works, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing more about it.


  8. Paul Noble is a blatant rip off of the Michel Thomas Method. I am shocked that he has never been sued. Admittedly his course is good and does what it is intended to do, but it is quite disgraceful that he doesn't credit Thomas as the basis for the course.

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