This actually happened.

Last night I watched John on the telephone attempting to place an

He got some automated program where you speak to a computer and
it processes your order. He read out the order number, the address,
etc. etc. At some point he became exasperated because the computer
voice kept saying, ‘ We are sorry but we cannot understand what you
are requesting and cannot process your request. Please repeat your
request again.’ Finally, he started screaming, ‘Operator! Operator!’
Then he began yelling, ‘Assistance! Assistance! ‘ At this point I
suggested saying customer assistance. He said this several times. Each
time the automated voice replied, ‘We are sorry but we cannot
understand or process your request.’

Then, at his wits end ,he screamed, ‘Asshole!’

The voice replied, ‘Thank you. We shall transfer you immediately to one
of our customer representatives.’

We both laughed. And, yes, the customer representative was a real asshole!

Author: Harold

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