Dream Running

Today a friend told me about a wonderful experience. She runs in her dreams. It reminded me of what H.H.Lui, a teacher of Taiqichuan in Chicago, told me in the early 1970’s.

Mr. Lui told me that he received one of the first business ( or economic?) graduate degrees from Harvard Yenching University in China. Subsequently he went to work as a vice president of a major bank in Shanghai. The Communists took over and barricaded the bank building. They held him and the other administrators hostage.

No one would be allowed to leave unless they “contributed” bank funds to the People’s Liberation Army. After refusing to sign the papers authorizing this for several days, Mr. Lui saw the writing on the wall. He signed and fled China.

How? He was a good swimmer. He swam from mainland China to Hong Kong. When he got to Hong Kong he had nothing but the dripping clothes on his back. He earned his meager income pulling rickshaws. Then he became paralyzed with rheumatism and was no longer able to work.

Finally, after exhausting his financial resources on both Western and Asian medicine doctors someone suggested that he do Taiqichuan. He laughed at this. “Only old people do that!” However, desperation led him to finally try it. He totally recovered from his illness and eventually emigrated to the US.

At one point he was hospitalized and bedridden. He decided to do Taiqichuan while laying in bed. He allowed himself to access the feelings associated with actually doing it, seeing himself performing the movements and as many other perceptual associations as he could muster. He fully recovered in a short time.

We are all capable of experiencing anything we wish on any level possible by knowing the experience in this moment. This I know from my own experience.

As Tolstoy wrote, “The kingdom of heaven lies within.”

Author: Harold

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